Φορητό θερμογραφικό σύστημα

Portable thermographic system [Thermo Logg]

The system is consisted by the following facilities and software.

  • Portable thermographic system.
  • Standard Lens 30mm for thermographic measurements
  • Wide Angle Lens 12,5 mm for thermographic measurements
  • Thermographic Imaging software for the transformation, management of infrared images and sequences and analysis of thermal images

Thermography is a contactless measurement technology.

The proper infrared camera for every infrared thermography InfraTec specialised on developing reliable high-class infrared camera models for all application fields of thermography. The benefit of non-contact temperature measurement technology is the capability to inspect objects non-destructively and contact-free and to make material conditions in deeper layers visible. The contact-free measurement of temperature distributions on objects or in processes constantly informs about the state of the object. Thus, deviations of the production standard can be recognised. In addition to the mobile infrared camera models, InfraTec has also developed various thermography automation solutions for process and quality control applications.


Infrared camera 
VarioCAM ® hr inspect 700 Series

Highest resolution throughout the world for inspection purposes

Geometric resolution of (1,280 x 960) infrared pixels helps to avoid measuring errors

Highest thermal resolution for detecting even slightest temperature differences

Easy to handle

Small and light system with long battery life


Geometric resolution: (1,280 x 960) pixels

Thermal resolution @ 30 °C: better than 0.03 K

Spectral range: (7.5 …14) µm

Display: viewfinder (optional), TFT, highest resolution for bright light operations

Presentation of visual and temperature information: single and merged

Automated integration of location data: optional via GPS unit

Internal real-time memory for up to 1,000 shots with 60 Hz


The display stands of the infrared camera and therefore needs special protection which the VarioCAM ® high resolution inspect 700 series offers with a stable light-metal housing and an extremely stable joint. All status and measurement information are ergonomically placed on the screen not deviating the operator from the main task – his measurement. The flip mirror function will never display the image upside down.

Excellent thermal resolution of 0,03 K for detecting smallest faults


The thermal resolution of the VarioCAM ® high resolution inspect 700 series indicating the smallest temperature differences being resolvable will go down to even only 0.03 K (0.030 °C) at some 30 °C. Smallest temperature spans will still show details in great sharpness. Customers will be able to detect faults where other infrared camera systems will not measure anything and faults can already be seen at an earlier stage.



Highest geometrical resolution of (1,280 x 960) pixels for avoiding measuring faults

Infrared detector technologies still suffer from much lower pixel number compared with digital cameras in the visual range. This means like in the old days of digital camera that every pixel counts. The VarioCAM ® high resolution inspect 700 series does not only provide (640 x 480) infrared pixels but even (1,280 x 960) infrared pixels (1.23 megapixels). This is achieved by the unique Microscanning Technology that is based on a highly precise opto-mechanical interface which easily guarantees a quadruplication of pixel numbers. Even though this process is more than simple interpolation. It really provides customers with more measurement data and thereby securing higher measurement precision. Therewith, the VarioCAM ® high resolution inspect 700 series guarantees to avoid measuring mistakes resulting from average values of low pixel numbers.


Range of automatic functions for concentrating on the main work – measuring

The temperature scale can be set automatically between the highest and lowest temperatures being indicated as colours to most appropriately reflect the thermal scenery. This will make work faster as does the autofocus function. But also repetitive work can be delegated to be done by the VarioCAM ® high resolution inspect 700 – an autosaving function can be programmed to save thermal images onto a SD card or into an internal real-time memory with frequencies up to 60 Hz image frame rate.


Off-the-shelf Li-Ion batteries for independence

Up to five hours uninterrupted operation time are provided by the Li-Ion batteries included in the VarioCAM ® high resolution inspect 700 series. Included in the package also is a car charger to further enhance the mobility of users. Using off-the-shelf batteries makes users independent from any special camera provider – new batteries in any size can easily be bought around the corner.

Protection grade IP 54 for operations in rough environments

As the VarioCAM ® high resolution inspect 700 comes with a protection grade of IP 54 against dust and splash it can be used in rough industrial environments. Operators will be flexible in their inspections routes. As high value LEMO plug solutions are used even connected to power the camera will remain IP 54 protected.

Easy handling concept for getting started immediately

Ergonomically placed buttons and joystick allow to intuitively control the measurement and functions of the VarioCAM ® high resolution inspect 700. With one button press the operator can access all major functions. Status information regarding the infrared camera operation and the measurement itself can be customized and are also available when needed.

Quality view finder for working in brightest sun light

Even the most light intensive displays can have problems providing a high contrast thermal image in bright sunlight. Professional infrared camera systems like VarioCAM ® high resolution inspect 700 therefore come with a view finder to make outdoor and bright light operations work as convenient as indoor measurements.

Visible and acoustic alarms for easing up inspections

Temperature thresholds can be set at which the VarioCAM ® high resolution inspect 700 series will perform visual or acoustic alarms. When reaching maximum or minimum values an automatic image storage can be activated, too.

Light metal housing for little impact of electro-magnetic radiation

Plastic can be painted to appear metal – not so the VarioCAM ® high resolution inspect 700 infrared camera series. It comes in a full light metal housing that offers excellent protection from environmental influences. Due to additional protective measures of the housing an uninhibited working even under strong electro-magnetic radiation is possible, e. g. for measurements like substations of power distribution.