Ολοκληρωμένο σύστημα κατασκευής λεπτών υμενίων, Sputtering- Magnetron Deposition

Magnetron Deposition [MAG-DEP]

Deposition system

The table top system has a cylindrical chamber (250mm ID) and is based on a UHV conflat flange platform. The chamber has internal welds and is polished to minimise outgassing. Base ports are confocal as standard allowing a wider variety of deposition sources to be employed than with non-confocal arrangement. Numerous ports are provided for gauges and analysis tools

Sample Loading. In the basic system, sample entry can be made through a quick-load flange (o-ring sealed). For true UHV applications it is necessary to use a sample entry load-lock. Our load-lock uses a magnetically coupled linear/rotary transfer arm to transport samples to the main chamber.

Sample Table.The sample table/manipulator is configured as standard for 2″ (52mm) samples but can be modified for samples up to 4″ in diameter or multiple smaller samples.


  • Variable speed (2-20rpm) sample rotation
  • DC or RF sample table bias (DC in our case)
  • Sample heating up to 800°C
  • Z-shift (0-100mm)

The sample cradle in heated sample holders is manufactured of refractory materials to maintain system purity.

Sputtering Sources. The base ports can accommodate several sputtering sources. We can supply 1-3″ magnetron sputtering sources for DC or RF operation. The sources can be equipped with standard or high-strength magnets and additionally balanced or unbalanced magnet sets. The CUSP magnetron sputter sources are the only commercially available sputter sources that are deep UHV (1×10-11Torr) compatible sources. The construction contains no elastometer seals and can be baked to 250°C. The feature of UHV compatibility enables ultra pure sputter deposition that eliminates unintentional oxidation and nitridation of materials.