Ολοκληρωμένο σύστημα Μετρήσεων I-V και C-V, ημιαγωγών και ημιαγωγικών διατάξεων, Agilent B1500A

Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer

This part is an Agilent B1500A Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer whichis a complete solution for characterization of various devices. It supports various measurement capabilities for IV, CV,and enables a wide range of electrical characterizations and evaluations for device, material, semiconductor, active/passive component, and any electric devices.

Windows7 and powerful EasyEXPERT software support efficient and restorable device characterization on the GUI basis operation. It supports all aspects of IV and CV sweeps parametric tests. The EasyEXPERT software also provides efficient test environment for intuitive operation, analysis and exploration in device characterization. Some of its features are as follows::

  • Supports all aspects of IV and CV sweepsparametric tests,
  • Graph plot display/analysis/printing capabilities for analysis and reporting
  • Interactive real-time characterization by knob based curve tracing with the auto-record feature
  • Curve tracer test mode on EasyEXPERT provides rotary knob control variable sweep just like a conventional curve tracer
  • Oscilloscope View visualizes voltage and current waveforms being applied to the device, therefore assists user to optimize test condition and to observe transient phenomenon of device

Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer (left)- RF impedance/material analyzer (right)